We provide a full range of urologic services either in office or select hospitals around the valley.

In office procedures include: Prostate biopsy, Ultrasound, Flexible fiber optic cystoscopy, Urodynamic testing, Prostate thermotherapy (TUMT, TUNA, and REZUM), Urolift, and Vasectomy (No needle/no scalpel/single puncture site).

Special Interests: Urologic oncology, Prostate disease, Kidney stones, Erectile dysfunction, Incontinence, No needle/no scalpel vasectomy, Minimally invasive treatment for enlarged prostate, Female urological disorders (including pelvic prolapse, laser and heat therapy for female sexual dysfunction).

Physician Office hours are 8-12 noon and 1-5 p.m. daily. Patients are seen by appointment only. To schedule an appointment: Click here


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